Born and raised in Stratford, Canada, Daniel Hunter has thrived in the horticultural field for over 25 years. Daniel began his specialized training at the University of Guelph by attending the Ontario Agricultural College, one of Canada’s largest and most renowned institutions for agriculture, horticulture and environmental sciences. After graduating from the University of Guelph, Daniel acquired a degree from the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture where he honed his theoretical, technical and practical skills at Niagara Park’s Botanical Garden for 36 continuous months.

Daniel’s first year in the United States inspired him to develop a business that would meet the unique horticultural needs of the people, homes and streets of New York City. It was through this coming together of city and nature that Trillium Landscape Design was born.

Daniel’s passion lies with the people and the plants. The aim of his company is to treat his clients with the same sense of care that is cultivated in the sanctuary of their gardens. 




Growing up in New York City, Lauren had always longed for the natural and urban environments to merge. Developing a love of design and nature at a young age, she wondered how the two worlds could merge in an urban context.

After graduating Pratt Institute with an Architectural Degree, Lauren took a Horticulture internship at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to gain hands on knowledge of planting practices. Blending the two educational backgrounds, Lauren moved on to Gunn Landscape Architecture where she had worked as a Senior Landscape Designer.

With nearly 10 years of professional experience in landscape design, Lauren has joined the Trillium team as the Director of Horticulture and as a Landscape Designer. Lauren strives to create textured, layered gardens that are sensitive to its surroundings and blend seamlessly into the urban fabric of New York City.